About Us

To drive integrity in the automotive industry by being honest
& transparent in every interaction.


We have been on a mission to revolutionize our industry and to become a leading automotive business in Florida.

Our services include frame on to full rotisserie restorations, complete suspension rebuilding and chassis detailing, absolutely top level paint and body work with emphasis on panel straightness and proper panel alignment, engine compartment detailing, welding and fabrication, and media blasting all done to customer order.

Low, upfront prices

Friendly customer service

Competitive Pricing

Offering a fair trade-in value

Combine Multiple Product Lines

Greater Return on Investment


Searching for a good dealer?
J & J CARS is one of the largest and most popular Parts and Auto Sales dealerships in florida.Our dealership features an extensive inventory of car parts and used cars for sale,
Full restorations and custom builds
Our attention to detail will ensure your ride will have the finish that you are expecting.The majority of the ‘restored collector or custom cars’ available to buy were built specifically to make the seller profit.
To deliver the best service in the industry.
The only question left now is how we can best serve you. To take advantage of any one (or more) of our services, be sure to contact us today.